After receiving praises, Lexus gives production green light for LF-LC?

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The Lexus LF-LC Concept was unwrapped during the auto show in Detroit about six months ago. It was just that, a concept vehicle. The wild Lexus though received some praises and won some design awards. Positive feedback came from all directions. A recent report is creating some buzz as Karl Schlict gives a 50-50 go signal for production.

After a few more months , the topman for product planning of Lexus and Toyota has just pushed the 2+2 hybrid coupe closer to production. The Lexus LF-LC is officially on development and will most likely hit the production pipeline. The manufacturer even sent a crystal block to dealers containing a 3D etching of the Lexus hybrid coupe and suggested that if the dealers can deliver 27,500 units of GS sedans to the garages of consumers, they will have the chance to sell the LF-LC.

Let us not get too excited since all talks are still happening within the confines of the Lexus network. There is still a chance that it will not happen. There is a big motivation though for Lexus to push through with the LF-LC. The brand has been leading the luxury car segment for more than a decade in the US but it fell two notches according to the latest sales figures. Mercedes-Benz and BMW has been upping their games and the luxury branch of Toyota knows that it is about time to give consumers better products and try to regain leadership. Everyone thinks that the radical LF-LC can do this for Lexus.

Again, it is still very early and we have no idea if the LF-LC will really move from the auto show halls to dealer showrooms. If the production will ever roll out, this will be aiming to compete with the V8 Vantage of Aston Martin and the Porsche 911. Sounds pretty exciting don’t you think?


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