Details on new Opel Astra Sports Hatch unveiled

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The attention of the auto world can now veer away from the basic 5-door hatchback Opel Astra which has been all over the internet since its debut. Car lovers and industry insiders are hinting of an eye-catching Cabrio and a functional Wagon. There are also reports that Opel is coming up with a three-door hatch which will be as sporty as it can get.

According to Malcolm Ward, the chief designer of Astra, the new sports hatch will be more aggressively stylish against its five-door sibling. The Astra sports hatch will be due to roll out on 2011 and is expected to have a rakish looks with a lower profile than its current version.

There will also be an OPC variant which is a high performance spawn from the platform. Details have never been revealed yet by the Opel Performance Center which is a division specifically tasked to tune and tweak the Opel brands to upgrade their looks and performance.

The designers of Opel will be spending more than 600 hours in the wind tunnel to test and make sure that the new sports hatchback will have better aerodynamics than its 5-door variant. Not only is that a cool factoid, it’ll also mean the fuel efficiency will be better!

The car manufacturer is taking into consideration the economics of investing into excellent aerodynamics. Findings on these studies are used to give the car improved design lines. For example, in the new Opel sports hatch, the bumper will be angled so the air will past the tires and exit on the side of the car. To cut drag, there will be areas on the rear light that will be sculpted to reduce the pooling of air that occurs in most hatchbacks.

The new Astra sports hatch will play a key role for Opel. It might just be the answer to recover some share of the market taken by the Ford Focus and the Fiesta. Opel is hoping that the car and the variants will be able to satisfy the needs of their market and help them rake in some more profits.


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