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Unconfirmed Toyota FT-86 images leaked on the internet

October 31st, 2011

Pictures hinting of the design and styling of the new Toyota FT-86 spilled on the web apparently scanned from a brochure thru a fan website after the vehicle gets a makeover at Modellista, the in-house Toyota tuning arm.

The Japanese car manufacturer does not want to officially comment about the validity of the FT-86 images but some sources say that they are actually real. The production version of the new Toyota FT-86 will have a small difference in terms of the exterior of the pictured vehicle. The major changes focus on toning down the design lines of the alloy rims and the vehicle’s bumpers. The design of the vehicle is also very close to the concept vehicle FT-86 II which was unveiled during the Geneva motor show.

The leaked images also give you a quick look of the cabin of the FT-86 which remains true with the promise of the carmaker to use a back to basics approach design for the coupe. The cabin is dominated by red and black featuring sports seats and a short throw gear stick for shifting the six speed manual transmission. There is also a button which might hint a push-to-start function.

The instrument cluster leads the eyes to the white rev counter that shows the red line at 7,500 rpm. The speed is noted at the speedometer on the left hand and also on a digital display in the center. The brochure though does not include technical details about the FT-86.

The final version for production of the Toyota FT-86 will be unveiled at the motor show in Tokyo this November ahead of its launch in Britain by summer of 2012.

The Toyota FT-86 targets enthusiast drivers and gets inspiration from the rear drive Corolla AE86 produced back in the 1980s. The FT-86 will sport an engine by Subaru that will be capable of giving out 200 bhp. The engine will be linked with a 6-speed manual transmission and will also feature a limited slip differential.

Toyota aims to slice off some weight from the older version and make the new FT-86 to hit the scales at 1100 kilograms or about 200 kilos lighter than a Scirocco of Volkswagen. The sticker price is still to be confirmed but it might be close to around £20,000.

Toyota’s 2011 Avalon — It’s A Little Lax…

January 26th, 2010

Toyota's 2011 Avalon All right guys, what the heck is Toyota doing?  It’s like since they got burned by the recall, they are not coming out with cars that look almost like a Buick.  To me – Buicks are for the older crowd.

My grandma had one and really, I do not think that they should even come out with them anymore; however that seems to be where Toyota is moving onto with their less-than-inspiring Avalon.

To me – this is one car that kind of looks run of the mill.  Even though it is brand new, Toyota seems to be taking their cue from Buick … among other automakers.  Sorry Toyota, try again next time!