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BMW unofficially unveils M-Sport Package for 7-Series

July 13th, 2009

BMW was planning to develop a flagship car to take over the reigns from theBMW M Sport 7-Series 7-series but sidelined the plan when the recession struck. With weaker performance in the market, BMW opted to focus on its current 7-series. The plans include the release of the M-Sport package this week.

The new flagship car was supposed to carry the 8-Series badge and will be derived from the platform of the CS concept made public in 2007. Though the super sedan 8-series is far from being assembled, its legacy will be seen as an upgraded version of the 7-series.

BMW will have the M-Sport package as their best offering until the high performance series goes beyond the drawing board. The M-Sport gives the 7-series a sportier look and enhanced interiors. The driving experience is improved with a set of M steering wheel, M shifter, and M footrest.

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