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GM releases Camaro nostalgia video

August 22nd, 2011

In celebration of Chevrolet’s 100 years in the automobile history, American company, General Motors wanted to celebrate the momentous event just right. General Motors Inc. released a video that portrayed the numerous special editions of Camaro made in the last 100 years. This highly detailed video has successfully document that iconic Camaro models made in the last 100 years that includes the Transformers Edition, Honor and Valor, 45th Anniversary edition , Neiman Marcus, Synergy, XM, and Indy Peace Car.

According to the official word from Chevrolet, the Camaro contiues to be an automobile that is produced out of the brand’s passion, devotion, and love. Also, the Camaro is built on the highest level of enthusiasm from the brand. Surely, all of you Camaro fans and lovers out there will agree with the statement made by Chevrolet and will surely enjoy this detailed video presentation.

Each Camaro model is a manifestation of the model’s passion for every single phase of its history. In 2012, a special Honor and Valor Camaro edition will be released by General Motors Inc. This model is particularly made for our brave fellowmen who serve in the Coast Guard, the Marines, the Navy, the Air Force, and the United States Army. Only 100 units of the Honor and Valor Camaro edition will be made.

Nobody gets hurts by a little nostalgia. For sure, all eyes will be focused on the 2012 Honor and Valor Camaro edition. Happy 100 years to Chevrolet, more [engine] power to the brand!

BMW Reveals 2012 M3 DTM Concept car images

July 29th, 2011

The German luxury carmaker Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, or BMW for short, has recently revealed the first batch of official 2012 M3 DTM Concept Car images. This particular model is being developed to go head-to-head with rival luxury brands Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

Dr. Klaus Draeger is a member of BMW’s Board of Management. He confirmed that the brand will face serious competition in its premium cars line up. Draeger expressed that BMW will face this challenge with much vigor. It seems that the return of the DTM concept car shows that the German carmaker is looking back to its past of producing race cars.

When the 2012 M3 DTM Concept Car images were revealed, two champion drivers from the BMW Motorsport—Augusto Fafus and Andy Priaulx—were also introduced. The BMW Welt, which is the BMW multifunction exhibition facility in Munich, features the BMW M3 DTM Concept Car.

The BMW M3 DTM Concept Car comes with a V-8 Engine with 480 ponies and runs from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds. The top speed figure is 300 km/h. This new baby will get a 6-speed manual transmission and a CFRP monococque chasis.

The luxury carmaker BMW has three teams ready to race this season, they are the BMW Team RMG, the BMW Team RBM, and the BMW Team Schnitzer. Along with other BMW sponsors and partners, the three race teams work closely to tweak the M3 DTM race car to perfection in preparation for the upcoming race season.

Jaguar unveils new 2.2L diesel engine, tested with the prototype of the 2012 XF

April 12th, 2011

Jaguar recently announced a new engine claimed to be their most efficient as yet with the 2.2L diesel engine capable of producing 187 horsepwoer and a torque of 332 pound feet. The initial numbers report a fuel mileage of 52.3miles for every gallon while fitted to a 2012 XF prototype. The new engine is also said to just spew out 149 grams per kilometer of carbon dioxide.

The engine was tested on the UK roads while on a north-south configuration which is also a first time for Jaguar. The new diesel unit has a turbocharger that makes use of low-friction pistons and is water-cooled, new injectors, and a new crankshaft. The configuration of the powerplant paved the way for Jaguar engineers to incorporate an oil pan and electronic systems which adds to the efficiency of the Stop-Start feature of the engine.

The Intelligent system for the Start-Stop avoids the hassle of a prolonged shut down to start up which is a common occurrence with such systems. The engine requires shorter time to restore the power of the engine because of the new system which makes use of new sensors and fuel pressure holding technology. This saves the driver all the frustration when stopping the car on a busy intersection and having to go quickly again but the car takes time to restart. The start-Stop functions saves around 5% to 7% of fuel.

Aside from the new 2.2L, the prototype also features a ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox. The new transmission gives way to effortless cruising and power delivery in demanding road or driving conditions. The development car can swiftly go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 8.5 seconds. The top speed is pegged at 140 mph.

The new engine will be fitted to the future production XF models with the sale date to be announced possibly during the auto show in New York.

Dodge releases images of Mopar ’10 limited edition Challenger

August 23rd, 2010

Dodge recently release a set of official photos of the Mopar 2010 Challenger. The special edition car can now be pre-ordered and will only have a very limited run of 500 units. The sticker price for the Mopar ’10 Challenger starts at $38,000 for an A/T transmission and around $39,000 for manual transmission.

p19 Dodge-Challenger-Mopar-10-1

The special model is derived from the new Challenger R/T that runs on a HEMI V8 powerplant with 5.7L displacement. Mopar which is the accessories and parts arm of the Chrysler group injects a number of performance and cosmetic enhancements to the car.

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GM News: Rejected Dealers Can Apply For New Dealerships!

October 31st, 2009

GM to let rejected dealers apply for new franchisesGM is back in the news and I have to say that while the bankruptcy issue is still news … GM is slowly but surely pulling themselves back out of the drain and they are making quite a few sales and changes.  One of the changes that they are doing is they are letting rejected dealers actually apply for new franchises.  That way, it can create more jobs for people all over the US.

To me, this is a fantastic, as GM is trying to not only pull themselves out of the drain but they are taking some of the closed down dealerships with them.  The move was actually was made because of the tens of thousands of jobs that were being lost due to the fact that these dealerships were closing.

While GM is going to be opening up several new stores all over the US – the dealerships that might be renewed are not being revealed just yet.

Despite low take-rate, GM reportedly extending eBay experiment

September 3rd, 2009

Despite low take-rate, GM reportedly extending eBay experimentNow – I think that expecting people to buy something off of eBay is not unrealistic, however do I think that someone is going to buy a brand new flippin’ car off of eBay without ever seeing it, touching it, smelling it?  Nope!  I don’t and that is exactly why GM is going to eventually have to take down their little eBay store, however … despite the low, low, low take rate of these cars on eBay, GM is going to extend their experiment.

GM has listed somewhere around the lines of sixteen thousand new cars and trucks and only about fifty of those have sold … and probably to someone who does not really give a crap about how the car or truck runs and feels.  However, that is not the entire story.  Apparently, this is being used as sort of an overflow on the inventory side.

While GM is going to eventually come back strong, I think that they are taking it all wrong by going on eBay to sell their cars.

Direct Injection Technology: What Is It?

August 13th, 2009

ecoboostaction_06While I know a lot about cars – there was one technology that I did not particularly understand.  That technology is the direct injection technology.  This is an exciting new technology that truly allows car-lovers to have all of their cake along with their ice cream.  The great thing about this particular technology is that it actually improves fuel efficiency while increasing horsepower.

Increasing horsepower is something that automakers have been trying to do for years and years and now – direct injection is what can do it.  That is why so many automakers are embracing this incredible technology full-force.  To be honest, I think that every single new sports car’s engine actually contains this particular technology – and if it doesn’t, it will soon enough.

Direct injection technology is something that is so awesome – it increases fuel efficiency, produces lower emissions and gives off more power.  What could be better – seriously?