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GM releases Camaro nostalgia video

August 22nd, 2011

In celebration of Chevrolet’s 100 years in the automobile history, American company, General Motors wanted to celebrate the momentous event just right. General Motors Inc. released a video that portrayed the numerous special editions of Camaro made in the last 100 years. This highly detailed video has successfully document that iconic Camaro models made in the last 100 years that includes the Transformers Edition, Honor and Valor, 45th Anniversary edition , Neiman Marcus, Synergy, XM, and Indy Peace Car.

According to the official word from Chevrolet, the Camaro contiues to be an automobile that is produced out of the brand’s passion, devotion, and love. Also, the Camaro is built on the highest level of enthusiasm from the brand. Surely, all of you Camaro fans and lovers out there will agree with the statement made by Chevrolet and will surely enjoy this detailed video presentation.

Each Camaro model is a manifestation of the model’s passion for every single phase of its history. In 2012, a special Honor and Valor Camaro edition will be released by General Motors Inc. This model is particularly made for our brave fellowmen who serve in the Coast Guard, the Marines, the Navy, the Air Force, and the United States Army. Only 100 units of the Honor and Valor Camaro edition will be made.

Nobody gets hurts by a little nostalgia. For sure, all eyes will be focused on the 2012 Honor and Valor Camaro edition. Happy 100 years to Chevrolet, more [engine] power to the brand!