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Direct Injection Technology: What Is It?

August 13th, 2009

ecoboostaction_06While I know a lot about cars – there was one technology that I did not particularly understand.  That technology is the direct injection technology.  This is an exciting new technology that truly allows car-lovers to have all of their cake along with their ice cream.  The great thing about this particular technology is that it actually improves fuel efficiency while increasing horsepower.

Increasing horsepower is something that automakers have been trying to do for years and years and now – direct injection is what can do it.  That is why so many automakers are embracing this incredible technology full-force.  To be honest, I think that every single new sports car’s engine actually contains this particular technology – and if it doesn’t, it will soon enough.

Direct injection technology is something that is so awesome – it increases fuel efficiency, produces lower emissions and gives off more power.  What could be better – seriously?