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LaFerrari officially unveiled in Geneva

March 7th, 2013

The newest flagship ride of the Ferrari brand has been officially launched at the Geneva Motor Show. The LaFerrari or TheFerrari was code named F150 and officially takes the place of the Enzo as the top biller of the Italian car marque.

The LaFerrari has a hybrid setup that blends a V-12 powerplant linked to a 7-speed gearbox and a HY-KERS system. This was done to up the output and also lower the car’s emission.

The HY-KERS system is made up of a pair of electric motors. One of the motors is mounted to the gearbox and transfers all its power to the rear wheels. The other motor is devoted to power the auxiliary devices of the car so some load is taken off the engine.

The output of the whole setup is 963 horsepower and a monstrous torque of 660 lb-ft. We still have to confirm if these are the final numbers. The supercar manufacturer has not released the final figures yet but claims that the LaFerrari can rush from 0 to 60 miles an hour in a just 3.0 seconds. Its top speed is said to be more than 217 mph.

Looking at these numbers, the LaFerrari’s closest rival will be the P1 of McLaren that also just debuted in Geneva and has a top speed of 217 mph (limited). The LaFerrari however outpaces the P1 when it comes to the to 186mph sprint which it can do in just 15 seconds.

According to Ferrari, the new supercar has a lap time of 1:20 at its Fiorano track. If this is the case, the Enzo successor is 5 seconds faster than the previous flagship while 3 seconds better than its cousin, the F12 Berlinetta.

Looking at the technology for this production vehicle, the LaFerrari boasts of a new hybrid setup and a new monocoque architecture crafted from carbon fiber that has been developed by the F1 team of Ferrari. The new structure is said to be tougher and stiffer than the Enzo’s core. It uses four different kinds of carbon fiber that has been processed in the same manner as the F1 race car.

Some purists may hate the fact that Ferrari’s new supercar is a hybrid. Well it brings it a host of benefits aside from being eco-friendlier. It helps the car have a more precise distribution of brake force, torque vectoring, and traction control.

Only 499 LaFerrari units will be built and most of these are now accounted for.