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GM News: Rejected Dealers Can Apply For New Dealerships!

October 31st, 2009

GM to let rejected dealers apply for new franchisesGM is back in the news and I have to say that while the bankruptcy issue is still news … GM is slowly but surely pulling themselves back out of the drain and they are making quite a few sales and changes.  One of the changes that they are doing is they are letting rejected dealers actually apply for new franchises.  That way, it can create more jobs for people all over the US.

To me, this is a fantastic, as GM is trying to not only pull themselves out of the drain but they are taking some of the closed down dealerships with them.  The move was actually was made because of the tens of thousands of jobs that were being lost due to the fact that these dealerships were closing.

While GM is going to be opening up several new stores all over the US – the dealerships that might be renewed are not being revealed just yet.

Despite low take-rate, GM reportedly extending eBay experiment

September 3rd, 2009

Despite low take-rate, GM reportedly extending eBay experimentNow – I think that expecting people to buy something off of eBay is not unrealistic, however do I think that someone is going to buy a brand new flippin’ car off of eBay without ever seeing it, touching it, smelling it?  Nope!  I don’t and that is exactly why GM is going to eventually have to take down their little eBay store, however … despite the low, low, low take rate of these cars on eBay, GM is going to extend their experiment.

GM has listed somewhere around the lines of sixteen thousand new cars and trucks and only about fifty of those have sold … and probably to someone who does not really give a crap about how the car or truck runs and feels.  However, that is not the entire story.  Apparently, this is being used as sort of an overflow on the inventory side.

While GM is going to eventually come back strong, I think that they are taking it all wrong by going on eBay to sell their cars.