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Check Out The 2009 Honda Skydeck Concept!

October 24th, 2009

Honda Skydeck Concept

We have talked a heck of a lot about all sorts of different cars in this particular blog but I believe that one car that stands out above the rest is the Honda Skydeck Concept – this concept car is actually going to be a hybrid car that is going to be bigger than all of the rest … and it looks pretty damn cool as well.

Honda right now is working very, very hard on this particular concept car as they are trying to come up with an extra electric motor to place into this car so it can have two motors to make it run all that much better – they are also trying to make the Honda Skydeck Concept a completely electric car, which at this point, we have only seen mini-cars as all electric.

Honda is making a pretty cool concept … and they are certainly making headway on the Honda Skydeck Concept!