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Video: Aventador meets the Matador in Spain

October 30th, 2012

Our friends at Motor Trend were recently handed the keys to the sleek Lamborhini Matador. They earned a date for one week with this 691-horsepower supercar and brought it from Italy across Europe to Spain.

Frank Marcus took the great roads that the participants of Tour de France are familiar with. Instead of taking a 13-hour trip straight to Zaragoza, he first brought it to the classy destination of Monaco. The pedestrians in Monaco made it a bit hard to test the F1 route so the crew detoured to Nice in France and reached the highest paved streets in Europe at around 2,800 meters.

Everyone might have read about how Ferrucio Lamborghini loved bullfighting. He admired it so much that he made the charging bull the emblem of his company but also called the cars based on the best fighting bulls. The Lamborghini V12 Murcielago, for example, was named after a famous bull that was recognized for being so brave that its life was spared. The Aventador was also named after a bull that was not so lucky in the ring.

So for the trip, the Lamborghini Aventador was taken to a place where the supercar made from carbon fiber got its name.

Click on the video below and see how the raging bull rushed through Europe.